We’d love to welcome you to “More Me” !

Stop prioritising everyone and everything else! This is time for you! “More Me” will show you how to let go of the stuff weighing you down and teach you how to feel in control of life – of who you are and where you want to be.

 Learn to become fulfilled, calm and organised – ready and able to deal with all that life throws at you, giving to those around you from a place of plenty.

During “More Me” you will get:

Simple framework offering advice and content around our four basic principles: FOOD, REST, MOVEMENT and LOVE
Mentoring & Guidance with a personal live Q&A with Karen
Celebration of success with journals and assessments to measure and ensure best achievement!

Which option is right for you?

“More Me” Taster Session 

Are you curious about how “More Me” can help you? Would you like to find out in a safe and supportive way? If you are looking to reconnect with yourself to be happier and stronger then please come along to one of our taster sessions via Zoom. Your investment is £20.00.

Find out more about our “More Me” Taster session

Cost: £20 (one off fee) | Duration: 1 hour
Delivery: Via Zoom with business founder and coach Karen Turrell

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“More Me” Foundation Courses 

Enjoy 12 weeks of themed content, introducing you to the topical mindset principles for “More Me” alongside our Stride walking techniques for strength, posture and freedom of movement. Our current courses include:

Course 1: Body & Mind
Course 2: Strength & Courage
Course 3: Joy & Longevity

Cost: £95 (one off fee) | Duration: 4 weeks per course
Delivery: 1 x introduction email, access to password protected area to access 4 weeks of content online, delivered in simple weekly calendars. A live Q&A and support from Karen, with a certificate of success issued upon completion!

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“More Me” Specialised Courses 

These are specialised courses to target a particular focus of interest to you. Enjoy 4 weeks of topical mindset & movement techniques and insights for you to feel more yourself again. Our current courses include:

Combat Pain

Losing It

Be Brave

Bella Figura

Family Ties

Feel Secure

Cost: £45 (one off fee) | Duration: 4 weeks per course
Delivery: 4 weeks of content online to follow at your convenience, delivered in simple weekly calendars. Live Q&A and support from Karen, with a certificate of success and invitation to join the ongoing online Membership to come with Karen to breathe the fresh air and reinforce healthy habits, learn new understandings to deal with whatever life throws at you!

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“More Me” On-Going Membership

Perfect for those who have reconnected with themselves by completing the foundation courses and want to stay connected, not only with themselves to stay well and happy, but with their community, nature and culture.
Join us for:

  • Access to our closed Facebook group for support and motivation
  • New themed specialised courses for new life hurdles
  • Audio recordings (for stride, breathing and stretch exercises) for you to download and use at the time right for you
  • Guest speakers, Live sessions and Q&A with Karen
  • Invitation to social events and retreats organised throughout the year
  • Celebration of success with on-going support, advice and techniques to
    help you deal with whatever life throws at you!

On-going More Me Membership

Cost: £25 per month | Duration: On-going (contract free)
Delivery: Access to our closed facebook page and password protected website areas for content

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Have a different need, or interested in all the above? 

We’d love to have you join us in whatever way suits you and your lifestyle best. Alongside our More Me program options above we also have physical stride group sessions and 1-2-1 sessions available to deliver our techniques in person.

Please get in touch to discuss where you are, and how we can help you feel better than ever!

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Here’s what our happy clients had to say about our services!

“I’d completely lost sight of the girl I saw staring back at me – “More Me” was like a light to guide be back, learning how to be “Katie” again – exciting, bubbly, fun and outgoing! My fitness has improved and I can now control my emotions so much better, I use the Stride techniques every day to overcome even little things.

I’m so grateful to Karen and her team, I love life a lot more now, everything is bright again, colourful and that’s all down to Stride and the “More Me!” program”


“Not only have I achieved increased fitness and flexibility but I love the structure – weekly tasks and ideas to focus  both my mental and physical health. I have lower stress levels, more confidence, a lift in my energy and mood. My anxiety has reduced and I feel a greater hope for the future.”


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