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Our foundation course. We will show you how with simple mindset changes you can re-position where you fit (in your own life!), how to be kinder to yourself and the importance of making your needs a priority.

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This is the “Letting Go” or “Liberating” stage! Giving you time to feel stronger, have an easier moving body and build have faith in the future – with small pockets of investment time and easy principles to enjoy.

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This is the “Butterfly” stage! Giving you time and strategy to plan what you want your life to be. Learning to bring in the learnt tips, exercises and techniques in to daily life so that eventually it becomes second nature!

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Specialised Courses

Combat Pain

How to manage and combat pain using our four basic elements – Movement; how to target and reduce physical pain. Food; How to nourish your body to reduce joint pain. Love; How to manage the impact of emotional pain. And Rest; Learning how to create headspace to relax the body and mind.

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Losing It

What are you “Losing”?…. Your “mojo”, focus and clarity of mind, hair loss and/or temper, good quality sleep, self esteem,, easy movement, sexuality, maybe the loss of or changing friendships? Anything else? There is often an underlying link between these fading “taken for granted” assets.

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Be Brave

We all need to be braver to adapt and evolve, to be happy and fulfilled. Movement; Fortify your mind & body connection. Food; Stabilise your mindset & nurture yourr soul. Love;  The antidote of living in fear. And Rest; Breathe to strengthen your resolve and meditate to reinforce your intentions.

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Bella Figura

The Italian inspiration, Bella Figara! These new principles and celebrations enrich the practices you have adopted so far during More Me. Learn how to evolve the ideas a little further to taste the sweetness in life, to live with passion and celebrate being a woman!

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Family Ties

Make tribal connections a positive asset & experience. We’ll explore: Genes & health, how to keep cool and ‘open hearted’ in family relationships and the importance of family foods and traditions – making space and time to reflect on nostalgic good times.

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Feel Secure

Explore a diverse range of material including – Money; The effect on your life choices and money attitude, feel secure with your pelvic floor, managing insecurity and anger. Ease the stomach tension, all to reflect our theme. Feel more secure than ever!

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