Don’t walk, Stride!

We currently have sessions running throughout Essex and in the City of London with courses available for all ages and abilities!

All our courses begin with body awareness and efficiency, using positive mind exercises including mindfulness.
The stride techniques strengthens the body to reinforce purpose and the intent to look after yourself, we achieve agility for the mind as well as flexibility of the body.

We see it as the foundation for achieving life-changing, sustainable results. Because it’s such an important stage, we like to take things steady. Here are the areas that we’d like you to cover, but there’s no rush! (And we don’t even need to do them in this order.)

  • ‘Energising’ How to Boost your Energy Levels.
  • ‘Nourishing’ Improving muscle tone, calorie burning and energy levels
  • ‘Toning’ This includes posture for day and night, muscle toning and kcal burning using different stretches and walking exercises
  • ‘Breathing’ When you breathe properly you can relieve stress, improve your posture and encourage a more powerful stride
  • ‘Positive mindset’ For confidence to feel more like you again

We want you to be happy and comfortable with your progress. You can book walking sessions (usually 60 minutes) to suit your diary. These will be included in our usual weekly walking group Stride, unless you would prefer a personal one-to-one session. It’s entirely up to you! We do however recommend that you have a walking session every week to reinforce the techniques and maintain (or ideally improve) your fitness. We’ll be looking at everything from power, speed and posture to toning and weight loss. Your progress will gradually evolve at a pace that’s right for you.

Our Sessions

Many of our striders want their own coaching just for them. To escape and recharge. Or alternatively to get fit and healthy for an event. Where the session (we call it “Mystride”) is set around how they feel and what they need. Personal coaching is centred around them. Totally. Sessions can be from 45 mins starting from home, workplace or a place to suit you.

Get Energised

This course offers six, 60 minute sessions where you have the option to include our range of energising walking exercises for power and pace. It means you can add more shape and definition to the areas that you’d like to tone, or you can look at improving your mobility, increase fat burning and weight loss.

Get Challenged

Some of our members have a very particular goal in mind, involving walking or not, such as a sporting event or a sponsored trek for charity. In this course we align the Stride walking technique with strength and endurance training, together with flexibility techniques and nutritional advice. Our coaches understand that achieving a new goal involves improving mental stamina and attitude, as much as physical ability, and can help you achieve fantastic results.

Get Personalised

Many of our members have very specific needs, so we offer the opportunity for personal, 60 minute walking sessions booked at your convenience. These coaching sessions are completely tailored for you, your aims (not necessarily fitness but maybe other achievements with work, family or social), abilities and timeframe.

We can do it together….

Whatever specific needs you have, you’ll be learning how positive mindset techniques, alongside mobility, can be incorporated into the way you live for lifelong confidence achieve your hearts desire.

The sessions work excellently whether it’s coached ‘in person’ or ‘over the phone’. Online material can enhance the learning experience too. This is through our “More Me”program to get you feeling more like YOU again!

We offer one-to-one sessions on site for team members at workplaces: schools, colleges and universities and private companies settings – large or small.

Stride coaches are well experienced with individuals limited in mobility, living with neurological conditions (such as Parkinson’s or Stroke survivors), medical conditions requiring adaptations; and those needing rehabilitation after an illness, fall or hospital visit. 

No problem, we can do it together!

For Striders looking for routine, social connection and lots of laughs! Our Weekly Group Strides offer the perfect opportunity to relax, escape and re-charge with a group of like minded friends:

Ongoing Weekly Group Strides

These sessions offer you the option to include our range of energising walking exercises. These focus on how you can add increased flexibility and strength training to your Stride walking sessions to further evolve your health and fitness. It also means you can add more shape and definition to the areas that you’d like to tone, or you can look at improving your mobility, increase fat burning and weight loss.

Bespoke Group Stride

For groups with a particular goal in mind (involving walking, swimming or cycling) such as a sporting event or a sponsored trek for charity. Aligning Simply Stride techniques of moving well to ensure comfortable successful training. Our coaches understand that achieving a new goal involves improving mental stamina and attitude, as much as physical ability, and can help you achieve fantastic results.

Stride20 provides all the benefits of group Stride alongside social opportunities and friendships away from the pressures of school, college and work; specifically designed for our younger Striders aged 16-24 years – this can be a tough time!

Our weekly Stride20 sessions include our range of energising walking exercises, building on strength and increased flexibility, whilst working on mental health by practising our mindfulness techniques to slow down and help manage stress. If you have a particular area you would like to focus on – ie fitness, confidence or building friendships, we can help ensure these are met within our sessions.

  • Clear your head & beat the blues
  • Boost your resilience & confidence
  • Untangle & feel good
  • Walk tall & escape
  • Meet new mates & laugh!

At Simply Stride we don’t just provide sessions for individuals, we also have a powerful track record for boosting local businesses workplace wellbeing: using walking for creativity and posture for performance. Reducing pain and managing stress.

We believe in a personalised approach so our sessions will depend on what you want. We work with individuals and businesses, providing a range of walking courses. They can be rolling, week-to-week sessions, where you come together as a group of up to 10 people. We love working with smaller groups as we find that this really gives the opportunity to give prescriptive advice and build connections. We also work with people on a one-to-one basis which can help high level professionals and individuals with medical needs.

Our workplace courses tend to be 4, 6 or 8 weeks long. Longer courses allow us to layer on levels of material which encourages people to adopt the principles of Stride and really begin to enjoy it.

To find out more view Workplace Benefits & Packages

When your movement limits your life somehow, you want to get back on track and maximise your mobility as soon as possible. We want to help get you there. It may have been initiated by a fall or bout of illness, a sports injury or medical procedure. Whatever the cause, we can be part of the solution.

Stride Mobility Group Sessions

Our weekly “Stride TLC” sessions are designed for people with slower mobility: perhaps those with medical conditions or our more senior striders. With greater emphasis on seated and supported standing exercises, Stride TLC is set in a quieter, sheltered places with plenty of benches to rest if needs be.

We offer two programmes, one for those happy to walk, and one for those who prefer seated or supported standing exercises. We also provide continuity of care through our specialised medical therapists to compliment and maximise potential.

Stride Mobility Individual Sessions

Your care starts with a medical assessment at home (or place of your choosing) and a plan is put in place straight away with treatment there and then, where possible.

Your therapist, will work alongside Stride coaches (either in a group or personal Medical Stride session, your choice) to help improve your strength and mobility to help prevent onset problems.

The plans are based on 4 weeks of 30,45 or 60 minute therapy sessions and are made at your convenience and you may use your health insurance.

We love taking our unique feel-good Simply Stride material to audiences with specific needs such as care homes (senior living and adaptive needs), day centres, and schools.

If available funding is accessed to ensure best outcomes and delivery. We also seek private sponsorship from local businesses, when funding is not available.

All Stride

AllStride is the name for sponsored Simply Stride courses in the local community for people who are limited in life due to either their social situation, financial position, or health condition, physically &/or mentally.
We partner with local mental health & medical charities (such as Parkinson’s UK] and day centres locally. We love these sessions and would like to thank our local sponsors and partners.

School Stride

School Stride programme: “Walk Tall Head High” allows us to reach “Non-elite sport” children in primary schools. Taking them to new levels of confidence and success with some then going on to represent the school’s sporting activities. A real accomplishment. All by learning their body needs to move well. With most schools receiving the PE and Sport Premium, this is an easy life changing experience for schools to bring to their pupils.

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