Ongoing Monthly Membership

Following the completion of our 3 Online Courses:

Course 1: Body & Mind
Course 2: Strength & Courage
Course 3: Joy & Longevity

We’ll invite you as a “More Me” Member to join us on our closed Facebook “More Me Membership” group

Our ongoing £10 per month membership will support you through lifes ongoing demands and changes.
This is the ongoing forever support – the “maintenance stage”

We give you:

•  Mindset experiences specialised (often from Specialised Consultants) to continue to be you
•  Emotional technical skills for changing life situations
•  Life event tips to continue to look after yourself physically
•  Events (escape weekends and day trips) to up to date you with up new
•  prescriptive material

What you will feel like:

• Fulfilled – being part of strong community of liked mind people to support you to be you
• Happy with Self purpose to continue support others
• To continue to adapt your story as you move into other life circumstances
• Ongoing connections fulfilling you with the good stuff
•  Upgrading and updating to continue being you, and to discover future versions of yourself as life changes

Next intake October 2020 – please contact us to register your interest!

Our Membership will leave you feeling fulfilled and recharged, so you can be the best version of you!

What you will feel like:
  • With inner strength to make clear decisions
  • In control being the writer of your own story
  • Inner contentment to be you
  • Peace to be able to support others long term

Confirm your place on the group by 11th September ready to begin “Joy & Longevity” with us on 13th September 2020

This course will leave you feeling fulfilled and recharged, so you can be the best version of you!

Book on to our “More Me” closed Facebook Membership group for £10 per month

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