Course 1: Body & Mind

Ever feel like life is just so demanding and stressful?

We tend to be hard and critical on ourselves… but there is a way to relieve the pressure, to see our successes rather than our failures!

When joining our online “More Me” Monthly membership group, we will use the first 4 weeks to lead you through our “Body & Mind” course. We will show you how with simple mindset changes you can re-position where you fit (in your own life!), how to be kinder to yourself and the importance of making your needs a priority.

You will learn to create a strong foundation for movement: Focusing on your posture, cylinder and breath. You will begin to move well using our unique stride technique, with body tailoring skills you can do anywhere.

This forms the start point of becoming “More Me” – giving you time to heal and restore, with small pockets of investment time and easy principles to enjoy.

During this course we will:
  • Prepare the body and mind to bring about change, physically and emotionally
  • Develop a framework of values to achieve our happiest life
  • Prioritise movement (Stride Technique) for better rest and sleep
  • Teach you ways to tune in to yourself, to discover what you want in life
  • Enable you to feel complete –  fill the emptiness
  • Allow you to invest in YOU… maybe for the first time ever?
  • Encourage you to be the heroine of your own life – become the writer of your own story!

This course forms the first 4 weeks of our “More Me” Monthly Membership

Confirm your place on the group by 30th June ready to begin “Body & Mind” with us on 6th July 2020

This course will leave you feeling fulfilled and recharged, so you can be the best version of you!

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