Ready to feel “More Me” again?

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Do you often feel like you are running on empty?
You know where you want to be but just can’t seem to get yourself back on track? 

Do you see this in you?

When you prioritise everything and everyone else, a feeling of emptiness is created. Constantly giving to others and seldom to yourself.

“More Me” is designed to tackle just that.

By taking time for you (just 15 minutes most days!) you are better placed physically & mentally to experience life at its best, and to support others around you. Time to feel fulfilled, happy and strong. Without resentment. How does that sound?

Learn how to enjoy a multi-dimensional and more balanced way of life. Our simple steps will help you to prioritise the time you need to become proactive & positive, less angry and reactive. Learning how to plan and organise your week with YOU as a priority.

Life is busy, there’s never enough time….But isn’t this how you got in to this rut in the first place? This time, time is no excuse – you can start to feel “More Me” in just 15 minutes most days, surely you are worth that?

This isn’t a fad or a quick fix, “More Me” is a change to lifestyle that will gently guide you to where you are meant to be!

What you will learn

The four essential elements to make your life happier & healthier…

Our Stride technique is designed to slot in to your daily life – we’ll teach you how to move well straight from your front door!

Through our Body & Mind course (offered in weeks 1-4 of your membership) we’ll apply pilates and yoga to your walking style – we call it our Stride Technique – to reduce pain (and stress) and improve your energy.

In weeks 4-8 we’ll move on to our second course, Courage & Strength, where we’ll progress to gentle standing, strength and stretch style exercises to free the body and mind.

You will begin to use the Stride technique to support, move and nourish your body during daily activities so that, eventually, it all becomes second nature. Your body becomes stronger and fitter and you feel more confident, healthy and happy. You learn to be free of bad habits, restoring co-ordination and ease of movement.

With time to enjoy moving well (you feel like you’re gliding!) you will combine escaping by yourself with joining us and others for our Stride Live sessions via Facebook. We also have the option to join our local Stride sessions too!

With flexible and easy ways to move, you’ll feel the benefits of being in tune with your body and learn how to take care of yourself in a way you never have before.

Learn to live in a way that is true to your inner self using the simple, golden rule: to treat others how we would want to be treated ourselves. With Love: Gratitude, Gentleness & Responsibility

We will explore why we find it so difficult to invest or prioritise ourselves due to our fundamental hurdle as women with our tend to be carers. We measure our worth by how much we take care of others, but by suppressing our own needs and choices we risk becoming vulnerable on many levels as a result. For example we’re more likely to become ill, unhappy or stressed. And perhaps worst still, we showcase this as being ok for our children or loved ones around us. A model that it is ok to live like this, accepted with no choice.

As part of your on-going membership, we will guide you through our courses on; Honesty & Acceptance, Courage & Trust, Humility & Peace and Love, Joy & Kindness, to outline daily ways of Living with Love, taking care of yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually. You’ll learn how to replace synthetic, external success (material things, or success for other people) with internal success from within. You’ll feel fulfilled and content, and lose that feeling of always searching for a new “thing”

With this new framework of mindset principals you’ll be able to look at your life through a different lens – the same life but with different filter!

During our membership we work to settle your connection with food, taking you towards eating for pleasure.
Food is one of our 4 elements and becomes easily connected with Movement, Love and Rest – once you do one, the others become easier – layering up to a positive experience in all areas.
So many of us battle with our relationship with food, it’s easy to lose joy and can become difficult to be spontaneous and creative. Our material will help you reframe your mindset so that you are gentle on yourself, and you learn to love the things you are eating – learning the value of your nutrition for your body, mind and soul and recognising the importance of allowing both naughty & nice!

Permission to prioritise guilt-free time to rest – to become a stronger, more resilient person by resting just 10-15 mins most days.

The  benefits of this time are rapid (instant usually!) and will help you engage with the other elements of health & happiness.

Our rest experiences including breathing exercises to creating stillness or a stroll with this as a focus.

You’ll notice a calmness descend allowing the space to come back to you.

How you’ll be supported

Mentoring & Guidance

“More Me” offers an architecture of support to get to know YOU again – who you want to be and what you want your life to be like. And we’ll help you get there!

You’ll get guidance from Karen (Simply Stride’s founder, who has mentored 100’s of individuals back to health & happiness!) and other guest consultants who will provide tips and advice from their fields of expertise.

Each month, Karen will host a live Q&A. This will be a very interactive session so questions can be directed to Karen then and there, however questions will also be requested prior to the live so if you have a particular question you would like to be addressed this can be done so anonymously. The Q&A’s are a chance for us to hear from you, but it’s also a great way to bring the whole group together, to support each other.

Easy steps and simple material

Our “More Me” content is hosted on our website with support from our closed Facebook group, a safe space for a small number of like minded members to work together towards the same goal – this time is for you!

Each month we will invite you to download our calendar PDF (to use alongside your own personal diary) to guide you through our weekly prompts and help ensure you carve out investment time for you!

We will also include a space for weekly journalling. We’ll encourage you to use this journal at the end of each week, to review your positive moments and assess any hurdles you’ve faced. By noting how you feel, you’ll reinforce the value of the actions you’ve taken and your investment in you. This will help frame your mindset and focus for the week ahead!

Our Facebook group will further support you with daily prompts around centred around our four elements of a healthy & happy life…Movement, Rest, Love and Food. Our membership requires no more than 15 minutes per day, designed to boost your confidence, increase your awareness and help guide you towards rediscovering yourself.

By prioritising this time you will efficiently plan and organise your week to ensure that you are a priority.

You will become strong, rested and revitalised, feeling “More Me” – and ready to support your loved ones.

Simply Stride Walking Groups Essex

A variety of inspiring media

Our material will be brought to you in a variety of ways to inspire and deliver! Films to show you how to move well, leaflets to download, recipes to refer too, and easy listening audios to follow for rest and escape times – perfect media to use easily at your finger tips to get you to where you want to be.

Each piece of material provided will offer areas of specific focus such as breath, stress or movement to general topics around wellbeing and healthy living. Each prompt will open up discussions, helpful tips, inspiration and techniques to further support our “More Me” material.

Each month we will use “Facebook Live” to host a Stride session via our closed Facebook Membership group. You can follow along at any time from any location – all you need is a pair of comfy shoes! Audio is best so if you have earphones you can pop your phone in your pocket to follow along, we’ll take regular breaks so you can let us know how you’re doing via the comments. Our sessions are designed to fit easy movement in to your week, we’ll show you how to put our techniques in to practise – until they soon become second nature!

Celebration of Success!

Because the material is delivered to you directly and it is easy to use and adopt into your daily lives, we know you will progress quickly. We love to recognise your efforts  & celebrate success: individually, on our community pages and also events.

At the start, and at every 4 weekly point thereafter, we’ll invite you to complete a short questionnaire alongside your weekly journals so we can chart your progress. Rarely do we get noticed for our efforts, so during “More Me” we celebrate big time!….on Facebook…at Events,  and later on via Escape Weekends too. We are part of this process with you so we love to acknowledge your successes, and celebrate with rewards and surprises!

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Here’s what our happy clients had to say about our services!

“I’d completely lost sight of the girl I saw staring back at me – “More Me” was like a light to guide be back, learning how to be “Katie” again – exciting, bubbly, fun and outgoing! My fitness has improved and I can now control my emotions so much better, I use the Stride techniques every day to overcome even little things.

I’m so grateful to Karen and her team, I love life a lot more now, everything is bright again, colourful and that’s all down to Stride and the “More Me!” program”


“Not only have I achieved increased fitness and flexibility but I love the structure – weekly tasks and ideas to focus  both my mental and physical health. I have lower stress levels, more confidence, a lift in my energy and mood. My anxiety has reduced and I feel a greater hope for the future.”


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