Join us for TLC Live Stride!

We are pleased to be continuing paid “TLC Stride Live” sessions every Thursday morning at 10am with Lisa via our closed Facebook group:

To join us please email [email protected] to book your place! We’d love to have you join us.

TLC Stride Live

Our weekly “TLC Stride Live” sessions are designed for people with slower mobility: those recovering from a fall or injury, striders with medical conditions or our more senior striders. With greater emphasis on seated and supported standing exercises, we’ll help you maximise your  strength, confidence and mobility as soon as possible. Please contact us to find out how we can support you.

To find out more about TLC Stride and how we can support you, please click here to visit the section on Mobility Stride

Find a Live Session

If you are looking for a particular session that isn’t listed here, or would like to register your interest for a particular day or time please email [email protected] we’ll keep you up-to-date as/when new sessions begin.

Session Time Meeting Point Cost Coach
TLC Stride Live 10.00am At your own location, nationwide Fee based Lisa

Here’s what our happy clients had to say about our services!

Simply Stride Walking Groups Essex

“I never expected to gain as much from the classes as I did. It was really nice to walk down the aisle knowing that my shoulders were not slumped, my bum wasn’t sticking out and my tummy was sucked in.”

Hayley Curno, Leigh-on-Sea
Simply Stride Walking Groups Essex

“I’ve never been one to walk and I’m not really an outdoor person. I just can’t believe how much I’m enjoying Stride, even when it rains! It’s brought such a change to my life as I feel fitter and much healthier. People have commented on how I look and I’ve dropped a dress size for the first time in ten years!”

Natalie Taylor, Thorpe Bay
Simply Stride Walking Groups Essex

“I suffer from arthritis, osteoporosis and serious asthma. Any movement can be very painful and frustratingly debilitating. Karen’s professional, personal and gentle service gave me the knowledge to progress forward with confidence.”

Bob Craven, Thorpe Bay
Simply Stride Walking Groups Essex

“Simply Stride taught me that there’s no such thing as a diet, you need to change the way you eat for life. As a result of changing my eating habits and regular Striding I’ve dropped a dress size and had to buy all new clothes (Yea!). I’m amazed and delighted!”

Caroline Monk, Thorpe Bay

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