We love working with new business partners.

Innovating inspirational material is our thing whether it be filming with a TV crew for the BBC, planning unique outside wellbeing material for environmental trusts, brainstorming new mental health safety-net techniques for health insurers – it is all in a days work.

We work with various charities to tailor packages to the interests or needs of their clients. This has included Mind, Parkinson UK, Take Heart (a local charity for those dealing with hear events) and Age Concern. Delivering bitesized elements of everything we do to bring about best life.

Both the Essex Wildlife Trust and RHS, like us, have a real love of nature and the outdoors. This joint love has enabled us to run partnership packages and events at their venues.

We have worked with Borough & County Councils, Active England and their subs on many strands of work. These have included Walking festivals, Cycling courses, Work with adults with adaptive needs and Getting Women into Fitness.

Various arms of the NHS have called on our services. Our most recent and exciting new area of work has been working alongside Speech Therapists to help the muscle movement, development and memory of people affected by Neurological conditions. We are exploring plans to work alongside Occupational Therapists nationally in the near future too.

If you have a business hurdle or idea where you believe we at Simply Stride can help – please get in touch, we would love to get involved! [email protected]

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