Course 3: Joy & Longevity – Becoming You!

Weeks 9-12 of our “More Me Membership

This is the “Buttterfly” stage! Giving you time and strategy to plan what you want your life to be.

During this course we’ll share life tips, exercises and techniques to discover the true you (your values, character, actions, creativity) What makes you you? What are you known for? What do you enjoy doing? Separating your own needs from those around you to live life with freedom and authenticity. Practising these mindset exercises during our walking based strides (where you are 60% more creative) these ideas come easily, we’ll show you how to bring this in to daily life so that eventually it becomes second nature:

We will give you:

  • Mind experience to write and plan your own life
  • Principles to live fully – to create laughter
  • Breathing space to think about your plans
  • Powerful investment ideas for you
What you will feel like:
  • With inner strength to make clear decisions
  • In control being the writer of your own story
  • Inner contentment to be you
  • Peace to be able to support others long term

This course will leave you feeling fulfilled and recharged, so you can be the best version of you!

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