Me and My Body

I don’t know about you, but as I’m getting older I find that I have to take a little more care of myself, if I want to keep up my energy levels, maintain good hair and skin, and protect myself against aches and pains.

(My efforts aren’t always helped by my family, particularly when my son points out what he calls “those mouse whiskers” on my face!)

Ageing is one of those topics that come up time after time amongst our Striders, and I’m often asked about the best ways to keep it at bay. My response is always the same: ageing is mostly a choice, and if you work on becoming your body’s best friend then you can feel fitter and younger almost immediately.

Here’s how I do it:

Keep it simple

You don’t need to spend a fortune on ‘miracle’ anti-ageing products or complicated courses. Most of my own wellbeing practice is natural and organic, with easy and simple routines that nourish my body and mind. This includes a fifteen-minute yoga session each morning, tension-relieving Pilates in the evening, and a recent discovery I’ve made – daily transformational breath.

Stay active

I try to keep moving as often as possible, and I only sit around the house when I’m watching TV or reading a book. While having a dog is a great excuse for getting outside, remember that we humans need walkies too!

(Our previous blog posts detail even more of the amazing health and wellbeing benefits you can expect to get from walking – why not take a look?)

Indulge in massage

If you’re staying active and are regularly on the move, you’ll need to keep those muscles soothed and energised. I indulge in two types of massage on alternate months: sports, to work on my tired muscles after regular coaching, and relaxation for a pampering treat and as a reward for all my hard work!

Laugh with your favourite people

You know those people who really ‘get’ you? Make sure you spend regular enjoyment time with them. For me, going out with my friends and family for good food and good wine is the perfect ending to a long week. In fact, for me good food and the good wine are part of the essential fabric of my life – which is just as it should be!

In short, however you choose to spend it, you should never feel guilty about taking some regular time out for yourself. If you look after you, you’ll build the physical strength and mental agility needed not only to tackle life’s challenges, but to properly take care of others, too.

Everybody benefits from you time, so start small if you need to. Just make sure you start.

Some useful local links:

Shambhala Studios – a pure yoga studio in Leigh-on-Sea. Striders can book a trial session for free; simply call or book online to make your appointment.

Celia Leslie Transformational Breath – a real gift to yourself, particularly if you’re feeling overwhelmed. I love using Celia’s techniques, which give depth and bring a sense of calm.

The Body Matters – my sports massages are with Louise, who is fantastic at relieving the tension caused by tight muscles.

BodyKind – for me, Moya’s relaxation massages are the perfect reward for hard work.


And of course, if you haven’t already then don’t forget to book your free Stride Session. Simply call us on 07967 705547 to begin your journey – literally and figuratively!

Feel better than ever