Water, water, everywhere…..

It’s something most people forget. But it’s really important for our biological make-up and the chemical reactions in the body. Slowly increase your intake to eight glasses per day.

Inspect a gadget

So here’s a thing. The rhythms of your TV, mobiles (including re-charging) and other electrical equipment prevent you sleeping well. You need to switch them off completely to prevent over-stimulation.

Haribos back in the jar please

It’s important to keep your blood sugar levals consistent. Try eating small snacks like nuts and raisins, just-ripe bananas, oatcakes and peanuts, cheese, apple or a small bowl of no-sugar cereal with milk. Keep sugars natural.



It always feels good to stretch. But did you know it also rebalances your body, lengthens short muscles and maintains good posture?

Take it easy

Try and relax, even for just 10 minutes. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and concentrate on your breath. Inhale positive thoughts, exhale stress and tension.

Don’t get cabin fever

Go outside every day. It gives fresh perspective to everything that affects you. Even if it’s just for a quick Stride round the block for 10 minutes. Let it all go. You’ll feel great!

Keep on moving

Couch potatoes will always feel sluggish and a bit fed up. It’s important to move, it keeps the muscles and the brain active.

Protein V Carbs?

Protein and Carbs both play a role in keeping you healthy. When you eat the same amount of Protein as you do Carbs, you can maintain the hormones that affect your mood. The protein acts as a stimulant and while the Carbs are nutritious, they can make you feel tired and sluggish. So, for example, if you had a ham sandwich, have the same amount of ham as you do bread. Lean protein like chicken or turkey, dairy and fish are the best. Keep servings to the size of a pack of playing cards. Keep Carbs to the size of your clenched fist. Complex Carbs like bread, pasta and rice (the wholegrain version) are ideal.

It’s a new you in every way

Your body is working so much better now so why not make the most of it? There might be a new park that you’ve never explored, or a new sport or hobby that you’d like to try. Go on, you deserve it .

And of course, if you haven’t already then don’t forget to book your free Stride Session. Simply call us on 07967 705547 to begin your journey – literally and figuratively!

K x

Feel better than ever