It’s a simple fact that our bodies need exercise. We all know this very well, yet on the whole, most of us don’t welcome movement into our lives as much as we should.

Perhaps this is because exercise is too time-consuming? Maybe you don’t want the inconvenience of getting sweaty and out of breath, you feel self-conscious, or you haven’t got the money for an expensive gym membership.

If you feel this way, then you’re definitely not alone. But what if I could offer you a different way forwards (literally!) – a method of exercise that’s not only gentle and relaxing, but flexible, fun, friendly and inexpensive too?

A typical Stride Session involves gentle walking with focus on posture and health, either on your own or surrounded by a friendly and non-judgemental group of like-minded people.

Need any more convincing?

Simply Stride is free to try

Your first Stride Session is completely free, meaning you can Stride happily without worrying about finances.

Even when you are eligible to pay, our sessions begin from as little as £5.50. With this, you are buying yourself some much-needed ‘you’ time, as well as making an investment in your ongoing health and vitality.

Striding isn’t a chore

Speak to any of our happy Striders, and they’ll tell you that they often don’t view Stride Sessions as exercise at all, but as a fun activity that allows them to catch up with friends, ditch the demands of their daily lives and reconnect with their bodies and minds. There’s usually plenty of laughter along the way, too!

You don’t need any fancy gym clothes

With Simply Stride, there’s absolutely no pressure to look your best, or for your body to be perfect. There’s no sweaty gym equipment to queue for, and no loud music. Just the beauty of your surroundings, along with great company and plenty of friendly support.

It’s all about you

Carve out time for yourself, clear space in your head to solve problems and soothe irritations while you walk, and improve your health by correcting your posture along the way. Our Stride Coaches are on hand to support you, and they will help you find an intensity you’re happy with (it’s not all about going hard!)

What happens next?

Simply get in contact, so that we tailor your chosen Stride session to meet your specific needs. We’ll ask you to pre-book your sessions to safeguard your time and commitment, but there is no contract to worry about, and no feeling of being tied-in.

To prepare for your first session, all you need to do is ensure you’re dressed appropriately for the weather (many of our Striders have come to enjoy rainy sessions…even those who said they’d hate it when they started!)…

…and that’s it!

With Stride Sessions so easy to book, and with all that improved health, vitality and confidence waiting for you just outside your door, I have to ask: what’s stopping you?

Simply contact us via or call Karen on 07967 705547 to arrange your free session.

Feel better than ever