If you’re anything like I used to be, juggling a stressful job and a demanding commute with poor health and the needs of a growing family, the very idea of ‘you time’ may seem like an impossible dream.

Fortunately, ever since I founded Simply Stride back in 2009 my own life has transformed. I now spend my days encouraging others to carve out valuable time to focus on themselves, through simple walking sessions that improve relationships, health and vitality.

Why escape time is important

Pressing the pause button on your everyday life sounds indulgent, doesn’t it? Yet if your life is busy and stressful, planning some time to escape will benefit both yourself and those around you.

Committing to regular Simply Stride sessions will allow you to carve out time to focus on you and you alone. Particularly if your life hasn’t been going the way you’d hoped – you’re not achieving your goals, or you’ve been told to get fitter by your GP – as you begin to feel better, make new friends and achieve much more, you’ll want to guard your new-found ‘you time’ with your life!

Our bodies are built to move

Humans are physiologically designed for movement. But have you noticed how easy it is to sideline even gentle exercise?

Time is limited in life, which means we’re apt to prioritise the things we think are more important, usually those that bring quick-fix rewards. We sit at desks to work, or we ‘relax’ in front of the television rather than taking in fresh air and allowing our minds some freedom.

Our minds and bodies thrive on gentle exercise…so by finding time to Stride, you are giving both exactly what they need to flourish.

Stride to solve problems and boost creativity

Niggling problems getting you down? New research from California’s Stamford University shows that walking is a highly effective way to solve problems, boosting creativity for up to two hours after you’ve finished walking. Notebooks at the ready!

Why? Well, when we walk we are literally moving ourselves forwards; a positive response to the primeval urge our bodies have to deflect danger and release agitation by moving. Suddenly, we are able to view the bigger picture, and become more proactive in solving our problems.

How Stride Time works

Simply Stride sessions focus on physicality and quality of movement, allowing just the type of active rest that allows your mind to stop its endless chattering about all those things you still have to get done! Instead, you will naturally compartmentalise issues and tasks, allowing yourself to move well and think clearly and creatively.

Stride Time is the perfect antidote to the static nature of our day-to-day lives. In one Simply Stride session you will see first-hand how walking just a little can achieve such a lot… and you will view all those inactive desk workers and ‘busy bees’ in your life with new eyes!

Are you ready to carve out some valuable ‘you time’, and start feeling better than ever? It’s so easy to begin your journey with Simply Stride – and better still, your first session is free. Contact us to find out more.

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