Describing the Stride Feelgood Factor – how will you benefit?

People ask me all the time just what benefits they’re going to get from joining our team of happy Striders.  We all live busy lives, so of course we need to know that starting something new will bring us the right rewards.

In response, I thought I’d dedicate this blog post to describing everything that makes up the Stride Feelgood Factor – and I’m confident that once you’ve experienced it, there’ll be no going back!

Stand tall and breathe easy with great posture

At Simply Stride, we don’t simply “go for a walk”.  As we Stride, we concentrate on promoting good posture and properly supporting your body as you move.

Not only will you be able enjoy improved freedom of movement, you’ll breathe more easily, your digestion will improve, you’ll relieve those niggling aches and pains, and your organs will work more efficiently.

Develop a brand-new appreciation of your surroundings

How often do we really notice the beauty of our local environment?  As you breathe in all that wonderful fresh air and make new friends, you’ll feel inspired to appreciate and preserve the area in which you live.

Open your mind

It’s well known that walking inspires creativity.  Return home feeling good and with your imagination stirred…who knows what you’ll achieve?

Expand your social circle and feel more confident

There’s nothing better than meeting a friendly group of like-minded people to make you feel happy and confident, and this is exactly what you can expect when you meet our dedicated Striders!

You’ll join a warm community of people who have the same goals as you, which is a great foundation for lasting friendships.

Take some much-needed time out for yourself

Taking time out for self-care is the opposite of selfish.  I know from experience that if you feel happy and relaxed, your relationships with family and friends are likely to improve dramatically.

Let’s face it, we all have to look after ourselves to take proper care of our loved ones in turn, and not only are you guaranteed to feel better than ever when you Stride, you’ll also give yourself the opportunity to relieve all manner of stress.

Gentle walking counts as ‘active rest’, which creates space in your mind to compartmentalise problems and gain a whole new perspective.  You can then fill your newly-created mind space with enjoyable interests instead – perhaps by starting a hobby you’ve always wanted to take up.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, your mind will reward you with bursts of ‘feelgood’ hormones, rewarding you for making an investment in yourself and indulging all that good, healthy behaviour!

By now, it’s probably far easier to understand what particular benefits you’ll get from joining Simply Stride.  I’m equally passionate about them all, because there’s so much waiting for you to enjoy, from a brand-new group of friends, to improved movement, better health and a soothed mind.

So why not book a free session, and start your own journey towards feeling better than ever? Contact me on 07967 705547 to find out more.

K x

Feel better than ever