Karen Turrell

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Karen was great at being a Lawyer in the City of London. But she also became an expert at managing a powerful and unwelcome part of her life. Pain. And lots of it. Largely resulting from back and neck injuries she suffered as a teenager. After having children, Karen began to think more about well-being and happiness, and started investigating a solution to her ongoing pain. Over many years, she developed and perfected techniques that enabled her to help herself. She soon realised just how much she could help others too, like her father who had been suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, arthritis, osteoporosis and serious asthma.

“Physiotherapists frequently realigned and mobilised me, plus I focused on core strength at the gym. I soon realised that it was actually my posture and how I used my body every day (the way I slept, sat, stood and walked) that greatly affected how I felt. The Stride technique teaches you how to maintain good posture to ensure your body feels comfortable and moves with ease. This has changed my life, I firmly believe it can change yours.”

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