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Simply Stride is based in Southend and our walking groups help men and women of all ages and abilities in Essex. Feel better than ever by joining us for a walking course that combines effective yoga, pilates and mindfulness techniques and ideas. Using our walking technique has many physical and emotional benefits including making you stronger, improving your confidence and helping you achieve your goals.

Where do we walk in Southend?

Our ‘Classic Southend-on-Sea’ walk starts at the famous pier and along the way, this seaside stride passes the Kursaal, Shoebury old tram stop, marine activity centre, The Roslin Hotel and the Thorpe Bay lawn tennis club. Striders enjoy views of seashore wildlife such as seabirds and seals, with opportunities to take breaks for afternoon tea and ice cream. This session is approximately 3.5miles/5.6km long and takes around an hour to complete, usually early in the morning or on a brisk day when the seafront is deserted and open.

Which walking group is right for me?

There are many different options available and each walk is tailored to your specific needs. Our open courses are run every week, free of charge and here you can learn all about mindful living. For those with slower mobility, we run ‘Stride TLC’ in Southend and Thorpe Bay, focusing on seated and supported standing exercises. If you are aged 16-25 then we recommend ‘Stride 20’, your first session is free and it is a great chance to slow down and make new friends in the great outdoors.

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