“More Me” Taster Session

Are you curious about how “More Me” can help you? 

Would you like to find out in a safe and supportive way? 

If you are looking to reconnect with yourself to be happier and stronger then please come along to one of our taster sessions via Zoom for 60 mins where you will learn: 

  • What “More Me” is and how you can use it
  • Understanding of why you do not feel yourself and how you can feel “More Me”
  • A simple Mindset exercise to plan how to instantly think more positively and feel more you
  • A couple of gentle physical exercise to ease the body and untangle any niggles

By the end of the session you will have a real flavour of what “More Me” is all about and have some great tools to apply straight away to feel happier and well more like you again.

What if you want to know more?

This taster session will help you know if you would like to book either:

  • A More Me Themed Course. These are courses that focus on a particular topic that interests you (Combat Pain, Be Brave, Losing it).
  • A More Me Foundation Course to reconnect wholly (from the head all the way down to the toes!) with YOU again.
    A 12 week course of 2 weekly tips to discover yourself for a happier healthier you for best life for you and those around you.

What More Me members are saying:

Louise P, 2021
– “I was intrigued by More Me, although the changes were subtle my husband noticed the difference! The material was really easy to follow intuitively and well guided with regular facebook prompts at the appropriate times, to allow consolidation of materials and use. I would like to say a BIG thank you to Karen, as I have really enjoyed the course and continue to use the principles in daily life! So I would say that it has been a successful positive course for me!”

Julie N, 2020
– “I have changed my outlook considerable. I focus on me a more. I ensuring to find some time  in my week just for me – everyone benefits: my family, my work.
I find time to process things that have happened to me. Finding quiet times to find answers for myself, this is really important to me.More Me helps me to put my thoughts back into a manageable order. It’s a real focus and sets me up for the week.”

Steph G 2020
– “Giving me permission to deal with me when it really mattered. Now I am not just painting on a smile. I have a renewed self belief and confidence. My life is not about being perfect, with less stress and more calm for all my family. More Me allows me time to sometimes look at myself and use the tools to help me deal with whatever life throws at me…..”

Next Taster session Dates:

Our courses are held online via Zoom at 1230 for 60mins:

We will give you:

  • Techniques to show you how to understand you; change your perception: a new positive filter
  • Tips to get rid of the stuff that no longer serves you purpose
  • Exercises for an easier moving body
  • Methods to reinforce focus and intentions
What you will feel like:
  • Freedom to let go of the things weighing you down
  • Stronger to make your own choicesFaith in and excitement for the future
  • Comfortable with the people around you
  • More equipped to be able to deal with day to
    day stuff

This course will leave you feeling fulfilled and recharged, so you can be the best version of you!

Contact Karen to find out more!

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