Coach of the Year

At Simply Stride, we have some amazing and inspirational coaches all across Essex.

Every year we celebrate the successes and testimonials of our coaches by asking our clients to nominate a coach of the year.

Throughout the year our coaches have all continued to be dedicated and motivating to all the Striders that they meet, whether it’s in one to one sessions, group sessions, or our growing number of Stride TLC groups.

But one Stride Coach has stuck out with her continued enthusiasm and postivity during her weekly Stride Sessions. Tracy has been motivational in getting people moving in all weathers, using her experience and judgement to tailor her sessions to best support her Striders. With a passion for forming new relationships, Tracy has aided strong friendships among her Striders which has added extra benefit to their sessions.

Well done Tracy on being the Stride Coach of the Year!

Give us a call today to start your journey with one of our inspirational coaches!

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