With the emphasis on getting out and exercising at this time of year, we thought we’d share our top 5 tips for dressing to Stride.

Simply Stride is a lifestyle. Its about taking a stride to the local pub or cafe to meet friends, getting out with the family. So dressing to stride is about wearing the things that make you happy and that fit with you.

1) It goes without saying that you must feel comfortable as this is your time to escape. Wear whatever is easily to hand and enables you to get out of the house. This may be just changing your shoes, adding another layer, or ensuring your trousers do not impede your movement.

2) Many specialized sports clothes are made of material which has a little give and wicks sweat away from the skin, helping to maintain comfort. Check out your local sportswear shops.

3) Layer up so that you can take some off as you warm up, or put back on as the weather changes. Long sleeve tops can tie around your waist and look for layers that have helpful extras like pockets or reflective strips if you are walking at night. The layering of clothes traps air in between and then warms with your own body heat keeping you naturally warmer than wearing one thick layer. A thin waterproof is so handy for keeping out the wind and rain.

4) Socks covering the ankle and with a double layer can be excellent for preventing rubbing and blisters, and man made fibres can ensure that sweat is wicked away from the skin.  Look out for these in sportswear and outdoor clothing shops.

5) For the Stride technique part of the focus is to roll the foot from heel to the toe, so it’s important to have a good pliable soleand extra movement for toes. Trainers and walking shoes with a lot of support can actually be less flexible, so it’s worth trying this out before you buy.

Your kit should make you feel even better than ever too. Get that right and it’s a another step in the right direction! 

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K x

Feel better than ever