Join the Team!

Simply Stride is a health and wellbeing business with a difference.

We offer flexible, often life-changing walking courses that use a combination of Yoga and Pilates-inspired techniques. It’s a unique offering in the marketplace, so Stride Partners and Coaches who join us now will enter into a specialist area that’s truly gathering momentum.

We have a tried and tested business model, 12 trained Stride Coaches and 10 years of hugely successful business history.

We teach our Striders to use the Stride technique to support, move and nourish their bodies during daily activities so that eventually, it becomes second nature. Their bodies become stronger and fitter and they feel more confident, healthy and happy. We encourage them to become free of bad habits, restoring their co-ordination and ease of movement. We help them get on and enjoy their life, because they feel better than ever.

All our learnings are encompassed in our Training programme and we are currently looking for sociable and motivated individuals to join us! Regardless of our backgrounds or the reasons that brought us to Simply Stride, our team members share a few common goals – a love for the outdoors and a passion for helping people where it really counts! All members of our team are sincere, inspirational and motivated – if this sounds like you, read on for more information on the fantastic opportunities we have currently available.

We love helping our Striders feel better than ever. With our opportunities, advice and on-going support, we think you’ll feel great too.

F E A T U R E S   A N D   B E N E F I T S

This is a business opportunity that would suit those who are looking for a lifestyle change. For example, you could be a mum returning to work. Or perhaps you’re a couple with the time and security to start a lifestyle business. Whatever your starting point with us, you will share the same benefits:

You get to work flexibly… in the Great Outdoors

You may have dreamed about getting out from behind a desk, working in the fresh air with all the freedom and flexibility that comes from being your own boss. Well, now’s your chance!

You’ll inspire and motivate others

You’ll probably inspire yourself, too.  Because there’s nothing like the feeling of heading outside and sharing fresh ideas, in a group of friendly and like-minded people.

You’ll enjoy full support and peace of mind

There’s no need to worry about getting to grips with complicated booking systems, PR techniques, or operational worries.  We’ll provide everything for you, so you can simply get on with coaching and inspiring your Striders.

Because we’re a hugely successful, pioneering business with an established track record, you can feel confident that the resources and the support we provide are tailored, effective, and of high quality.

Your work will take on a brand-new purpose

There’s a powerful sense of purpose that comes from doing something that directly benefits others.  As you help your Striders to make meaningful connections whilst keeping active and fit, who knows what other life goals you’ll feel motivated to achieve?

There’s room for progression…at your own pace

You’ll earn ‘feelgood income’ from your Stride activities almost immediately.  And when the time is right for you, there are lots of different ways for you to expand and develop your business – and your income.

W H A T  C A N  Y O U  E X P E C T ?

  • Everything will be taken care off
  • Access to an eye-catching, established brand
  • Achievable goals with strategic support
  • Full Training

On any of our routes to Stride (further detailed below) our induction training will ensure that you understand the business inside and out, and that you’ve got to grips with our service, and how it can help our Striders. During the first few months, we’ll support all your activity and provide guidance to help you grow personally and professionally as part of our team.

Here’s what you can expect from our training:

  • Clear and concise learning support materials, that include everything you’ll need to set up as a confident Stride Partner or Stride Coach
  • Opportunities to practise and apply your learnings with other trainee coaches, so you’ll feel fully supported throughout your Stride journey
  • Planning sessions to brainstorm your Simply Stride business, including set-up, day-to-day operations, and future goals
  • Ongoing mentoring and support packages, so you’ll always have someone to refer back to (and fire questions at!)

In essence, we want you to take care of our business and help it achieve the success we know it can. It’s not just about an investment of money, it’s about giving your time and undivided attention, doing everything you can to promote the service in your territory.

We want you to share our passion for Simply Stride, so that delivering the highest standards to our Striders isn’t ‘a chore’; it’s a matter of personal pride and enjoyment. But while we want you to take ownership, it’s important to know that if you need any support or advice, we’re right behind you.

All this is just the beginning.  We’ve got lots of exciting information to share with you about your business journey as a Stride Partner, Stride Coach or with us as a Franchise…

Which training package is right for you?

Simply Stride Walking Groups Essex

Stride Franchise

Invest in a carefully planned, low-risk model with few overheads and highly realistic projections. With full support and exclusivity in your location.

Simply Stride Walking Groups Essex

Stride Partner

The ideal choice if you’d like to build your own local Simply Stride business, on a full-time basis with flexible working hours.

Simply Stride Walking Groups Essex

Stride Coach

If you’d like to build your own team of Striders on a part-time basis, becoming a Stride Coach is the perfect entry into Stride.

Simply Stride Walking Groups Essex