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Many of our members suffered from a lack of confidence before they joined us. 

Sometimes it’s a huge step just to pick up the phone. But that’s ok.

We’ll help you grow in confidence, so that you can feel great about yourself

again and what you can achieve. Over time, you’ll feel less restricted

and more ‘free’, striding with your head held high. 


It’s a chance to escape from daily stresses

as you stride outdoors in the fresh air. It’s about creating a

positive connection with yourself, your body and the world

around you. Trust us when we say it feels great.


You feel in control as you move at your own ability.

We don’t believe in elite training or gimmicks.

Our members love the fact that the sessions become really

familiar, they know what to expect and can achieve

their own goals according to their ability.


It’s sociable. Lots of our members say Simply Stride is like

having a little ‘bolthole’, something just for them. Managing pain

and increasing fitness is a great leveller, so whatever your background

you’ll find some great common ground and, chances are, make some

new friends.

You don’t have to worry about finding time for

the gym or high impact classes. There’s an enormous amount of guilt

attached to traditional ‘keep fit’ – not going enough, not doing enough.

With Stride however, you can use the techniques as often as you

like for really efficient training.


It’s really flexible with no membership fee or fixed

course dates. It’s your diary and your time, so we want

things to be as convenient as possible.


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