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This is your Beginners walking course which starts to help you with body awareness and efficiency. We see it as the foundation for achieving life-changing,
sustainable results. Because it’s such an important stage, we like to take things steady. We spend time carefully gauging your level of ability, and
identifying any personal ambitions or hurdles. We are gentle with you - But it's no walk in the park!

Here are the areas that we’d like you to cover, but there’s no rush! (And we don’t even need to do them in this order.) We want you to be happy and comfortable with your progress.  You can book walking sessions (usually 60 minutes) to suit your diary. These will be included in our usual weekly walking group Stride, unless you would prefer a personal one-to-one session. It’s entirely up to you. 

 ‘Start Energising’ How to Boost your Energy Levels.

 ‘Start Nourishing’ Improving muscle tone, calorie burning and energy levels

 ‘Start Toning’ This includes posture for day and night, 
muscle toning and kcal burning using different stretches and walking exercises

 ‘Start Breathing’ When you breathe properly you can relieve stress, improve your posture and encourage a more powerful Stride

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